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  Welcome to New Leaf...

At New Leaf Adolescent Care, we offer supportive services designed to meet the needs of children, adolescents, and adults with diagnosed functional deficits as a result of adverse environment, medical, and biological contributors.

Our commitment to providing the best possible service to the community is reflected in our organizational practices. We provide ongoing training of our professional staff of caretakers and practitioners to ensure that we remain an industry leader in our market of providers. Staff members are versed in techniques to help our clients meet goals identified in their individual Person Centered Plans (PCP).

Our services encompass comprehensive treatment for diverse populations and we address their needs by utilizing available social and institutional supports that foster long-term development and rehabilitation.

NLAC Youth Services is committed to providing quality Level  III residential services.  We adamantly believe that children thrive when they are allowed the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with peers and positive role models.  By providing a highly structured, rigorously supervised and consistent environment, we endow our clients with the tools necessary to become productive and conscientious citizens in the community.  Our continuous service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In an effort to further support the development of our clients, we welcome and encourage family and pre-existing community supports (friends, church, care givers) to actively participate in treatment. 




Our Focus
We believe that understanding our clients’ behaviors allows us the unique opportunity to implement enriching activities and interventions that promote optimal behavior management and consistent functioning.

Specializing in providing quality community support and residential services for persons with developmental and functional social/emotional deficits.


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